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Dr. Bernard Bull

Welcome to Goddard College

Imagine a higher education learning community where student voice and choice are nurtured, honored, and celebrated. Picture a community where curiosity is celebrated, and students are challenged to grow and develop their own convictions, competence, and confidence, rather than simply satisfying their professors’ expectations. Imagine a college where faculty provide individualized mentoring and authentic feedback that will lead to transformative growth in your life.

Goddard College is this community.

Goddard College is home of the the first low-residency programs in the nation, and it remains a place where you combine rich, intensive campus-based learning experiences with ongoing and relevant study from home. Our programs allow you to pursue your education without relocating or disrupting other important priorities in your life. We recognize that work, family, and community are important to you; and we offer programs that help you blend those important priorities with a relevant and robust college education.

At Goddard, the mission, vision, and values of the College are living principles. They inform everything from assessment and feedback to curriculum and community life. Students are intimately involved in the design of their plan of study. There are no traditional letter grades, no traditional exams, and no “sit and get” lecture hall courses required for graduation. Instead, your study plan is individually designed to be relevant to your specific interests and aspirations and to dovetail with your life beyond school.

We strive for Goddard to be a place where students are safe and supported in their learning regardless of age, race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religion, or individual and group expressions of identity. In this community, the whole world is viewed as a laboratory for learning, and education is inseparable from responsible and imaginative engagement in the world. Yes, Goddard graduates culminate their study with an intimate ceremony and a well-earned diploma in one of any number of areas, but for the people in this learning community, the diploma is just a symbol. Your life and your responsible and imaginative action in the world are what really matter.

As Goddard College’s President, it is an incredible honor to serve and support a community with such a deep commitment to nurturing learner agency and to practicing tolerance, acceptance, and growing understanding across difference. Goddard is a community that truly values honoring and learning from one another. I am inspired by the vision of an academic community that seeks out and welcomes people who come from different backgrounds, contexts, experiences, and ideologies. This is part of what drew me to Goddard, and it is what I’ve begun to call a grand experiment in radical hospitality and inclusivity. To the extent that we succeed with this experiment, we will have also provided an exemplar for a nation and world that is in desperate need of such an example.

When I first considered the possibility of becoming Goddard’s next president, I spent countless hours researching the school. I had studied Goddard College from afar for many years, intrigued by its unique academic model. However, as I deepened my research, I became even more intrigued by the college’s alumni, incredible and inspiring people who are living out Goddard’s mission of taking responsible and imaginative action in the world. Yes, Goddard is a great community where people learn and grow, but its mission is even more evident by looking at what the graduates do with their lives.

If you are a prospective student seeking a college that will support your goals, our admissions team looks forward to speaking with you. If you are a proud alum who is revisiting the site to see what is happening at Goddard, our alumni staff are also excited to speak with you about how to connect and contribute to a community that already means so much to you. If you are inspired to learn more about Goddard, we invite you to contact us to discover how you can participate in one of higher education’s grand experiments in progressive education.

Given the state of our nation and world, Goddard College’s mission and vision for learner-centered, progressive education has never been more critical. Join us in exploring how to co-create a better, more hopeful, more humane, and more inspiring educational ecosystem.

Warmest Regards,

Bernard Bull